“Wise...is able to provide any owner with the management team and required construction forces for a timely and cost effective construction project.”

Alan R. Scherr, President
Alan Scherr Associates, LLC

“Wise...brought to our projects a very competent, dependable and effective team; first rate in every aspect.”

John H. Carr, Chief Construction Officer
Dayton Public Schools

“...very few to no change orders on projects awarded to Wise Construction.”

Elizabeth Verzi, Manager of Facilities, Planning & Construction
Sinclair Community College

“Their performance was outstanding in all areas.”

Con Murphy, President and CEO

“a number of special features...were successful because of the attention to detail as well as the quality of workmanship of Wise Construction.”

Pete Harsh, Principal
App Architecture

“The quality of work done was consistently top notch”

Ryan Traxler, Project Manager
Oregon Group Architects

“Your personal attention to detail and your availability whenever issues arose was very much appreciated.”

Deborah Howard, Procurement Manager
Miami Valley Regional Transit Authority